"Chris tunes into your innate abilities, and creates a portrait right in front of you. I had wondered how this would all work…wow, was I surprised and pleased with the results!"  ... "He said it’s kind of like a (spiritual) “chiropractic adjustment”, which you can refer back to time and again."    Mardi M.

"Chris is a very open spiritualist that is very loving and kind. You feel very taken care of in his presence. He's very sure of himself and you can see why immediately, which is a sight to behold." "These are my mother's eyes, and the shape of her face and nose were spot on!Susan Allen. LA CA

"As I sat and watched Chris move the chalk across the blank paper, my Archetype began to take form. The picture was a blend of what I have brought into this world, what makes me tick, my life purpose and my ancestry...The final picture felt so familiar and I when I look at it I am drawn deeply into the image. It was a beautiful way to get a sense of "all of me". I recommend this experience to anyone who would like to experiences themselves as a 'whole' being."  Nancy Meyers, Southern CA.

"Thank you so much for the drawing of my Dad.  The Hawaiian shirt pic was when he was 62 .  I think you definitely caught the essence of him!" Debbie Ritter. Everett WA

"We had been asking for a sign all week that our son was with us.  Thank you." 

Below are examples of Spirit Portrait Art, Archetypal Portraits and Spirit Embedded Healing Art.

Healing Art Portraits

Archetypal Energy Portraits / Spiritual Balancing

This was possibly one of the most healing readings spirit has ever synchronized for me.  This mother of two lost her battle with cancer and left two young children behind.  Her mother sacrificed everthing to "pick up the spare".

Spirits Illustrated

"I found a picture of my grandfather, who I never met. I really feel you were drawing him.Thank you so much for this gift!!!" Jen Brazier. Seattle WA

A Healing Portrait is infused with healing energy through light frequency and thought vibrations. This occurs through the alchemy of color created during an altered state of consciousness. It allows for a stronger connection with the spirit world and utilizes the strength of sacred and creative space, the purity of healing intent and the effort of spirit doctors working from the other side.  Allowing this connection to remain open during the full process compounds the energy surrounding the healing intentions.  Healing pictures lift the spirits of those receiving the healing and the loved ones supporting them to harmonize, guide and focus the energy. The intent is of the artwork / portrait is healing.  A Photo of the person, animal or place receiving the healing will be requested.  The artwork is created privately in a sacred space and unveiled after completion. 

A wonderful reunion occurred between a mother and son.

Spirits Illustrated Gallery

"You are extremely gifted!! I have this in my office and share it with all my clients, students and circles." Gina Self. Golden CO

I am amazed every time a spirit person impresses their image upon my consciousness.  Sometimes I feel like I become them, other times my eyes just find the features on the paper.  It is a truly amazing process.  It begs to ask the questions, what one image would you choose to summarize your life and physical likeness.  Here are few samples of the spirit illustrations that have been produced through my work with spirit people.  The comparative photographs were provided only after the drawing was produced and rendered.  

This was a lovely reading for a Mother who lost her son.  Shaun did a great job of providing an abundance of evidential validation. He just loved baseball and wanted to talk about his family.

"My mother saw the picture and she said directly that it was her grandma" Anki S. Holm. Sweden 

The archetypal energy reading is a deep look into one aspect of who you are. You can expect to start with a brief reading that will touch on your ancestry and personal characteristics weighing the information that comes forward to assure we have the proper energy signature for you and to help us identify which archetype is coming forward.  Then I will begin drawing an archetypal portrait to help balance the energy. This is similar to a chiropractic adjustment, but  instead for your psychic and mediumistic energy centers.  I recommend allowing yourself a few hours before jumping right back in to your regular routine after this appointment.  Please allow one hour for this appointment.      

Chris fitting