Archetypal Guide Energy Portrait

GUIDE-ENERGY: This guide portrait style illuminates your core qualities and represents a combination of the major influencers within your team. The recipient receives more than just a  portrait, the energy offers a spiritual like alignment using the alchemy of color. 

Guide Portrait Pencil

Spirit Guide Portraits - Pencil

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Archetypal Energy Portrait

Spirit Guide Portraits

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GUIDE-PASTEL: A pastel pencil color picture of one of your Guides or loved ones.  Words, names and symbols may accompany your portrait.  A brief written narrative is included.

Spirit Guide Portrait Pastel

Please allow approximately 2 weeks for your order.

GUIDE-PENCIL: This pencil portrait of your Spirit Guide, Angel or Loved-One in spirit also includes any evidential information or common signs from your spirit guide including a brief narrative of any impressions.

Spirit Guide Portrait Pastel

​Spirit Guide Portraits

​This is not an in person reading.  You will receive a portrait of a Spirit Guide, a transitional helper guide, an angel or occasionally a past loved one that helps you from the other side.  Your Spirit Team determines who shows up based on what you need most at this time. Included is any symbols, words or names that are communicated during the blending and creations process.  These words or symbols are printed directly on the portrait itself. A brief written narrative about your guide is also included.  This may include a name, message, purpose, or a unique "doorbell" they use to grab your attention. Please see the "Appointments" tab for in person readings via skype or in-studio.   

This offer includes an 8 1/2 x 11 portrait including postal delivery within the continental US and Canada.

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