Psychic Soul Reading $150

As a Psychic Medium I can offer assistance to help you connect to your higher self and help illuminate your soul's purpose. Your soul has an intended progression during this lifetime. In your reading we will examine your Soul's alignment with your current self and the progression towards identifying and understanding this life's values and lessons. Identifying where you are in your life's larger picture today and where you are going can be a very helpful processing and navigation tool. A Psychic Soul Reading helps you empower yourself to comfortably grow and develop into what your are intended to be. We will discuss the health of your energy field and introduce subtle energetic influences that may assist you in managing your energy and offer adjustments that are in agreement with where you want to go. It's here we can discuss any of your psychic or mediumistic potential and glimpse at future possibilities for you on this path.  This reading may also include an aura color reading, numerology, birth color rays or totems.

Mediumship Reading $150 

During a mediumship reading we will establish a connection to the spirit world.  We will identify the spirit communicator, introduce evidence that supports we have connected to the individual by identifying character, reference unique memorabilia or "signature memories" surrounding this spirit person. They may make reference to current personal events in your life to reinforce their continuing awareness and involvement in your life.  Some loved one's like to leave coins, feathers or songs in our path to let us know they are near.  We will identify your loved one's favorite ways to remind you when they are near. We will identify the spirit communicators message and reason for communicating with us.​ This is a reverent and sacred connection process. I have seen life changing communication between those that continue to care for each other on separate sides of the veil. Love is a universal communicator.  

Spirit Illustrator's Studio

Private appointments are available through the Spirit Illustrator Studio in Edmonds, Washington.  Please allow a full hour for your appointment. Readings are also available over the phone or through Skype.  Intimate gallery readings for small groups of up to 10 people may be arranged by contacting us through email. 

Chris fitting

Spirit Art & Portraits 

​Spirit Portraits render a likeness of a spirit person, guide, pets, or past life. Also Available is the Archetypal Energy Portrait which combines Guide-like Portraits and Color to reinforce specific qualities.  Visit our Gallery for further examples.​

Readings may include Illustrations

Evidential Mediumship connections help reunite people with their loved one's on the other side while offering proof of the continuity of life and allowing healing. It's my goal to be able to show you how you can identify and trust communication from your loved ones on the other side. Please allow one full hour for Mediumship readings with Art & Spirit Portraits.