Chris fitting

The Spirit Illustrator

Academic Background & Philosophy

Chris has had the pleasure of working with some of the foremost authorities on mediumship, spirit portraits & art, healing and energy management techniques.  His coursework places an emphasis on varying ideologies and practices for connecting and maintaining a natural link to the spirit communicators. He focuses on the importance of evidential details offered during the message. He enjoys demonstrating, teaching, one on one readings and speaking about energy management strategies designed to enrich your personal and professional life.

​​​​About The Spirit Illustrator

Some time ago my heart and my mind started a fight. My heart told me that there was much more to this life than I could see with my human eyes. My mind questioned this and challenged me to prove it. From that time until this I have sought out the best teachers, mediums and healers I could find to help me unfold my ability to connect, because if this was happening to me, then I was going to be the most genuine and authentic representative of our loved ones on the other side that I could possibly be. Today, my heart and mind no longer quarrel. My happiness lies within the truth that I have found.

As an evidential medium and spirit portrait artist I connect with loved ones and guides in the afterlife. I share their messages, imagery and physical likenesses through portraits while illustrating they continue to accompany our journey during this lifetime. They continue to offer their help supporting you on your path to achieving your unique purpose. 

In-person appointment are held at the healing art studio in Edmonds, and over the phone or through skype.  There is no difference in the accuracy of an in-person or distant readings.   

Healing Academia

Trance Healing with Physical Emphasis,

Demonstration, Reiki

  • 2016 Oct. - Trance Healing II – Arthur Findlay College - Bill Thompson, Sandie Baker, Simone Key, Pauline   

  • 2015 Oct. – Trance and Physical Healing Week – Steven Upton, Martin Colclough, Thelma Francis, Bill Thomspon, Stella Upton, Simone Key, Pauline

  • 2014 Aug. - Reiki Level II, Energy Healing

  • 2014 June - Reiki Level I, Energy Healing 

Mediumship Expeience

Evidential Demonstration, Spirit Art, Trance,

Energy Management

  • 2018 Sept. – Mastering Energy Management – Arthur Findlay College – Jan Marshal, Leah Bond, Alan Stuttle

  • 2017 Oct. -  Intensive Mediumship Platform Workshop -    Mavis Pittilla Seattle, WA

  • 2017 April – Mediumship Intensive – AFC Tutor Andy Byng – Seattle, WA

  • 2016 Oct. – Art and the Altered States – Lynn Cottrell, Maureen Murnan, Lynn Parker – Arthur Findlay College

  • 2016 Sept. - Mediumship & Platform Demonstrations Workshop – Tony Stockwell – Loon Lake Resort BC, Canada

  • 2016 June - Healing Two Worlds – Mediumship Workshop – Medium Mavis Pittilla – Seabeck, WA

  • 2015 Oct. - Exploring Energy, Energy Management & Mediumship – Janette Marshall, Helen DaVita, Leah Bond and Jenny Gomes – Arthur Findlay College, Stansted England

  • 2015 May – Trance & Mediumship Workshop - Seabeck, WA 

  • 2014 Oct. -  Spirit Art & Mediumship – Alan Stuttle, Janette Marshall – Arthur Findlay College, Stansted England

  • 2014 Sep. - Celebration of Spirit – Intensive Mediumship Workshop - Tony Stockwell  Bowen Island, BC Canada

  • 2013 Mediumship 101 Course - Everett, WA  

  • 2013 Member NW Mediumship Association