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How does the connection work?

During a reading energy builds and flows between the client, the medium and the spirit communicator. Setting our intent to connect provides the catalyst to open these doors. We as mediums are merely the ambassadors for spirits thoughts and healing gifts.  Each medium has a unique style. I work through a blending process with spirit. As I begin to feel your loved one draw near I use my inner seeing, hearing and feeling to portray their thoughts and bring forward personality traits, signature memories, and inspired messages for the client.

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What should you expect during a live reading ?  

Preparing Yourself: During your reading you will receive evidential validation that the ones you love are near. You may receive character descriptions or illustrations, signature memories, memorable items, names of loved ones living and departed, mentions of current events in your life now and messages from the departed and Spirit Guides. Please come with an open mind and try to release expectations and specific demands which may narrow your experience. Trust your loved ones know what is best to bring forward for you at this time.

In Studio vs. Skype vs. Telephone: In Studio meetings are held in Edmonds, WA. The address is provided after confirmation by spiritillustrator.com. There is no difference in accuracy between an in person, skype or telephone reading. A strong internet connection is necessary for online readings.  All Appointments are set in Pacific Standard Time, US. 

Cancelations and Refunds: A 48 hour Notice of Cancelation must be submitted to spiritillustrator.com within 48 hours prior to appointment to receive a full refund . Less than 48 hour refunds are not permitted.  No Charge for rescheduling within 48 hours. 

Payments: All Payments are made 100% in advance of reading. You may record your session.

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Chris fitting


- Thank you so much chris for the incredible reading ♥️🙏💯 and the awesome drawings. I’m still blown away by the accuracy of the information given. I know she’s with me always but you really solidified that!!! Michele Johnson, Lynnwood, WA

- I highly recommend Chris Fitting. I've had the honor and pleasure to work with Chris a few times. If you have the chance to meet him or have a session with him, it will be a memorable addition to your Soul Journey. In Light & Love, Rus Sullivan, Mountlake Terrace WA

- "As a Medium and Intuitive Artist, Chris paints vivid descriptions of loved ones in spirit, presents concrete evidence, and then shares memories with the ease of a true professional. His portraits of people and animals he’s never seen will leave you speechless.  Chris stands out not only for his unique approach, but also as someone who is very kind and compassionate. I’ve witnessed many of his readings and highly recommend Chris!" Darcy Pariso, Seattle, WA

- "I’ve known and worked with Chris for the last few years. I’ve watched his talents growand expand and have enjoyed learning from him as well as having readings from him. He is always tactful, compassionate and professional in his approach to his work. He is an excellent teacher, medium and illustrator of spirit. I’ve seen people receive healing readings from him and whole heartedly recommend him"…….Stacy Calvert, Everett, WA 

- "Thank you so much Chris for the guides drawing. I had a dream of a guide that told me that I knew him in more than one lifetime and not to be stuck on one image of him. I knew there was a connection to France. When I asked you to draw my guide imagine my surprise when you said you had to draw two pictures! The following year I was given a name of my guide and it fits with the guide drawing you gave me. I know this is an important part of your path and I'm so grateful you are sharing this gift. You also shared some lovely information about my father as well and I appreciate that evidence as well." 
Cynthia Rose McCaw, Denver, CO

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